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Frigidaire 2 Pack Pop-Out Ice Tray Liven up your space with the eye-catching Splat Clock. Resembling a splat of paint, this clock is cool and fun. Meo's Mountain Goat On Stand Sculpture, Silver Meo's Figure Statue I, Bronze
Moe's Bolt Plant Stand, Natural Moe's Apple Small - M2 Moe's Sky Vase Tall, Blue Moe's Sky Vase Short, Blue
Moe's Florero Large, White Moe's Head Statue I, White Moe's Head Statue II, White Meo's Supernova Table Decor - M2, Silver
Meo's Sitting Dog, Dark Brown Meo's Ring Of Fire Ceiling Mounted Decor, Bronze Moe's Urbane Plant Stand, Natural Meo's Fish Sculpture, Silver
Moe's Planta Small, White Moe's Planta Large, White Moe's Hand Carved Teak Wood Panels On Black Marble Stand, Natural With its clean and no excessive decoration, our display shelves will suit any kind of retail setting. Its smooth white lacquer finish provides perfect showcase for both wood and metal chairs. Steel plate fixed inside the MDF board throughout the structure assures durability. Finished with matte white lacquer. Casters can be installed on the bottom of the shelves for mobility.  Each shelf is shipped in one box.
Soho Malta Shelf

Price: $869.00
Moe's Apple Extra Large Moe's Apple Double Extra Large, Black Malta Combination is designed to offer quality, versatility and affordability to enhance any room in a house or small office. Meo's Puzzle Rug 5ft X 8ft
Meo's Dawson Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Meo's Random Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Moe's Stitch Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Moe's Rug Gray 5ft. X 8ft.
Moe's Blue Splash Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Moe's Terra Print Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Moe's Vintage Aubergine Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Moe's Gray Earth Rug 5ft. X 8ft.
Moe's Gray Mist Rug 5ft. X 8ft. Meo's Coral Sky Rug 5ft. X 8ft., Multicolor Meo's Pink Panther Rug 5ft. X 8ft., Multicolor